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JUST IN: Pelosi Mentions President Trump’s Name, Then Says, “Did I Say His Name?” [VIDEO]

President Trump is living rent-free in Nancy Pelosi’s head.

After her historic second FAILED impeachment attempt, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is still consumed by Donald Trump.

On Thursday Pelosi mentioned President Trump’s name during her weekly press conference, then added, “Did I say his name?” This woman is completely out of her mind!

During the conference, Pelosi was discussing the Biden administration’s new immigration legislation, which was introduced on Thursday.

In an answer to a question about the new plan, Pelosi brought up President Trump’s early days in office and the Muslim ban.


JUST IN – Pelosi mentions Trump’s name, then says, “did I say his name?”

— 🚨 (@disclosetv) February 18, 2021

After she uttered the name Trump, she put a hand to her masked mouth and said, “Oh, did I say his name?”

After Trump was acquitted in his second WITCH HUNT impeachment trial on Saturday, Pelosi slammed Republicans for “failing to defend their jobs.”

“What we saw in that Senate today was a cowardly group of Republicans who apparently have no options, or because they were afraid to defend their job, respect the institution in which they serve,” Pelosi said.

During the speaker’s Thursday conference, she also spoke about a 9/11-style commission that is being created to look into the January 6 attack on the Capitol building.

Delaware Senator Chris Coons (D) said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that the Democrats need to “spend months and months unearthing all the evidence that can possibly be gotten to through a 9/11-style commission” on the Capitol Hill riots.

Now that President Trump’s WITCH HUNT impeachment trial is over, the do-nothing Democrats are scrounging to find another way to waste hardworking Americans’ taxpayer dollars.

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