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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Arizona’s Maricopa Board of Supervisors Is Playing Games – Trying to Block a LEGITIMATE Forensic Audit of 2020 Election Ballots – Why?

What is happening in Arizona? After at long last getting the option to review the voting forms in Maricopa County, people with significant influence will not push ahead and permit a review by a genuine measurable inspector.

Their activities show their craving to shroud invalid voting forms instead of recognize any issues with the 2020 political race in Arizona.

We gave an account of December 30th that concerned residents in Maricopa County in Arizona got together to investigate the political race misrepresentation in their state. They performed information investigation and found between 160,000 to 400,000 ‘Ghost’ Ballots and performed house to house canvasing and found up to 30% of the tends to they took a gander at were false. Their outcomes were stunning. Liz Harris presented the task :

The Arizona governing body held a conference in December to examine the different discoveries and allegations identified with the political race in Maricopa County and not long after the meeting the Senate summoned the district. The County Board of Supervisors, who administer the political decision in the region, sued the Senate to forestall the review. The following are the Maricopa Board of Supervisors:

But then the following occurred:

The county sued [weeks ago], claiming the Legislature lacked authority to examine ballots. But on Wednesday, the county dropped its opposition, acknowledging the Legislature’s authority. Fann said the county has agreed to turn over all requested materials, provided the auditor is certified by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission and that only authorized parties will have access to the data.

Sadly this was all another stratagem to forestall a sufficient survey of the voting forms and pictures in Maricopa County.

As per a meeting with Liz Harris, the Board isn’t stating that they need to choose who plays out the review of their polling forms since they would then be able to forestall the things they don’t need revealed through this evaluator choice cycle. Hickman, Sellers and Gates are for the most part Republicans. Gallardo is a Democrat.

Harris asks, “For what reason would the Board of Supervisors do this?”

Harris says that she is apprehensive the individuals of Arizona won’t comprehend the way that these equivalent individuals who forestalled the scientific review in any case need to command that the reviewer be from the very gathering that favored the Dominion machines (the US Election Assistance Commission). She says, “For what reason does the Board not have any desire to discover extortion if there is misrepresentation that exists.

We at the TGP have suggested for quite a long time that innovator and master, Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, ought to be forensically examining all the swing states results.

Pulitzer is eager to do this essentially for nothing. He has a cycle and accordingly there is no motivation not to utilize this outcast to survey these consequences of polling forms, except if obviously you are attempting to shroud something!

At the state level, there have additionally been detours. Karen Fann, the President of the Senate, Warren Peterson, Chair of the Arizona Judiciary Committee, and Michelle Ugenti-Rita, the Senator engaged with Election issues, all need to venture to the plate.

Why not have Pulitzer play out the review close by the picked evaluator by the Board of Supervisors, since Pultizer will do it fundamentally free of charge?

Americans are vexed. There is an unfathomable measure of proof of misrepresentation in Maricopa County Arizona alone. Americans need to see the proof that the political decision was reasonable and free.

At this moment it would appear that it was not – in any event not in Arizona without a doubt.

Americans request an authority review of the voting forms!

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